JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 1x19

Rushing Towards the Cliffs of Death

Stroheim starts using his new mechanical body, which was designed to surpass Santana, to fight against Kars. However, it proves futile against Kars’ blades, which cuts him down to size. As Kars attempts to retrieve the stone, Stroheim fires a beam at him, sending the stone sliding towards a cliff edge, forcing JoJo and Kars to chase after it. JoJo pulls off a trick to grab the stone, but Kars pulls him off the cliff with him. JoJo manages to save himself by using the stone as a shield and prevents his fall with help from Caesar. The next day, Caesar and the others discuss ambushing Kars’ hideout before Wamuu arrives, but JoJo objects to it, believing it unwise to fight on their home turf, leading to him and Caesar getting into a fight. Feeling a sense of duty to his grandfather, Caesar decides to go alone, with Messina ordered to follow him, whilst Lisa Lisa explains to JoJo that Caesar has a secret past.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: 1×19
Feb 16, 2013

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure season 1

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